Cornerstone Global Network

Cornerstone Global Network (CGN) is a diverse group of men and women who are committed to serving together in covenant relationships.  Apostolic covering is a distinct characteristic found in our network.  We are a group of forward thinking church builders who are optimistic about the day in which we live.  Our focus is on planting strong churches, building leaders who will build the church and developing healthy church cultures that reflect the Kingdom of God.  CGN seeks to equip ministers and churches to reach their potential and live out their God ordained purpose.  As a movement, we do not centralize our church planting and missions activities.  It is our desire that each church be free to express its unique call that reflects the vision of the Pastor, and the context in which it is planted.  Our churches are not led by democratic principles.  They are governed by a local board /executive through divine call and vision.  Therefore, the churches are not directed by congregational voting, but by a ministry team and church leader.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where ministers of like vision and spirit can join together, serve each other and receive apostolic covering, assistance and insight.  In CGN we celebrate God, life and people.  We love to serve God and we have fun while doing it.  We enjoy our friends, making new ones and seeing the Kingdom of God increase throughout the world.

For more information please contact Pastor Jeffrey Smith, Cornerstone Global Network Director