Jesus said follow me! Will you?  Join one of our Life Groups and become a mature and equipped disciple of Jesus Christ.


Couples~Charlie & Karen Krolak • Sundays at 5:30pm Sylvania (3 • 4 week sessions)
Couples~Eric & Dawn Vaculik • Fridays at 7pm Holland (Meets Monthly)
Couples~Henry & Jennifer Humphrey • Mondays at 7pm South Toledo (Meets Monthly)

Men~Matt Rasor • Wednesdays at 7pm Cornerstone Church (Meets Monthly)
Men~Patrick Abec • Saturdays at 10am South Sylvania (Meets Monthly)
Men~Stephen Kanagaratnam • Wednesdays at 7pm Cornerstone Church  (3 • 4 week sessions)
Men~Rick Easler • Saturdays @ 5:30pm South Sylvania (Meets Monthly
Men~Robert Lachmiller •  Tuesdays @ 7pm Maumee (Meets Monthly)
Men~Guy Proctor •  Tuesdays @ 7pm Cornerstone Church (Meets Monthly)

SURGE – Women’s Groups

Surge~Alicia Gora Tuesdays at 7pm Dundee, MI (3 • 4 week sessions)
Surge~Beverly Bahret Tuesdays at 10am Maumee, OH (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Cynthia Deland Tuesdays at 10am Perrysburg (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Davina Joy Millin Saturdays at 10am Maumee (3 • 4 week sessions) (FULL)
Surge~Diana Pumfrey Wednesdays at 10am Toledo (3 • 4 week sessions)
Surge~Jeanna Heuring Tuesdays at 7pm Oregon (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Kristi Rasor Wednesdays at 7:00pm Perrysburg (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Linda Crow Sundays at 2pm Toledo (3 • 4 week sessions)
Surge~Lisa Chavers Sundays at 6pm Bowling Green (3 • 4 week sessions)
Surge~Lyndi Woods Wednesdays at 7:30pm South Toledo (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Mary Bryant Mondays at 6:30pm Ottawa Hills (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Norma Moreno Saturdays at 10am Maumee (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Peggy Autry Saturdays at 10am Reynolds Corner (3 • 4 week sessions)
Surge~Jane Meyer Mondays at 6:30pm Cornerstone Church (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Derayna Webb Wednesdays at 6:00pm Cornerstone Church (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Vuncia Council • Sundays at 5pm West Toledo (Meets Monthly)
Surge~Karen Krolak • Mondays at 6:30pm Sylvania (3 • 4 week sessions)