No more doubts haunting me, fear no longer free to consume me; never again a slave to the power of infirmity. I am alive in Him and He is in me, unparalleled perfection, a beautiful circle of unity. He welcomes me in His embrace and the truth lies within the scars on His hands. Simply, even when I can’t, He is the only one who can. With a love undefined by limits, boundaries, and unscathed by length; He is my help for the Lord God is my strength.


brave_txtHe gives me power to shatter the barriers that once held me back. Through Him bold freedom has filled the crevices once occupied by lack. The past behind me, determinedly I press in. The promise before me, I surrender with reckless abandon. Trusting completely in He who reigns and basking in the love that breaks every chain. No longer lost and afraid, He has found and He has saved me. Safe in His grace for He is my personal bravery.
invincibleImpassable, unbeatable and unyielding He goes before me. Untouchable, insuperable, and powerful, immersed in authority. Soaring now, no longer confined by gravity; He is my shield and my armor, His crest my identity. I am unrestricted by the weight of yesterday’s shame, reborn through Him, I have a new name. He is my everything and by His side I yearn to be. He is my Savior, my protector, My invincible army.







Dr. Caroline Leaf Southlake, TX  • Wednesday 7:30pm & Friday 10:00am
Nancy Alcorn Mercy Ministries, Nashville, TN  • Thursday 10:00am
Suzette Caldwell Windsor Village United Methodist Church Houston, TX  • Thursday 11:30am & Friday 7:30pm
Holly Wagner Oasis Church, Los Angeles, CA  • Thursday 7:30pm & Friday 11:30am


Registration is required & gives access to all conference sessions
Cost $25 for ages 12 and up.
Online Registration Closed

Registration at the door will be available at a cost of $50



Time to dig into the back of that lingerie drawer ladies! We want your gently used bras…all shapes, all sizes, all styles! Your bras will help bring economic empowerment and freedom to a woman rescued from sex trafficking in places like Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda & El Salvador. To be part of this year’s Big Reach just bring your new or gently used bras with you to conference and we will take it from there.
Our hands really can Heal the World!

ages 4mos. – 11 yrs.

We are always honored to spend time ministering to your children.
Let us know if they will be joining you during conference this year by simply completing the Inspired Kids section on the registration form. No additional fee. • Day sessions will have classes available for 4mos. – 5yrs. • Evening sessions will have classes available for 4mos. – 11yrs. inspired. Kids Reach This year we will partner with One Million Good Nights “Pajama Campaign” to provide new pajamas for children living in poverty. More information is available online.


We will be hosting a special night for our teen girls ages 12-17 during the Friday evening session. Registration for full conference is needed to participate in this special session.